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July 7th ~ July 10th, 2020
📍From Your Home

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Hackathon Winners

Hi Everyone!

The wait is finally over! All submissions are in and have been judged, winners are up below, and the hackathon is coming to a close. We want to thank you all for being part of HackTheLib. Every single person that came and learned, created, and competed at HackTheLib is awesome. A lot of our participants were beginners, special shoutouts to you guys for learning on the fly and still submitting some really cool projects!

The hackathon is over, this means that there's no more competition, but you should still always be learning and creating! For this, we have our workshops recorded and still up on our website, and a few partners that want you to take your projects further than just this hackathon:

    • Elevate the Future: Elevate the Future is inspiring the next generation of creators and innovators. We provide young students with invaluable introductions and lessons in computer science and business. These topics are at the crux of our society, and an early exposure to computer science and business will spark a passion in students' young, impressionable minds and provide them with a direction that they can follow throughout the remainder of their academic years and beyond. An early sense of direction within a student is critical as it allows them to focus their educational and extracurricular pursuits. Through our lessons, we will instill this sense of direction within each student we reach and set them up for a brighter future.  
    • RallytoUs: Had a fun time at HackTheLib? Come check out RALLYtoUS! RALLYtoUS is the first-ever fully global online hackathon that strives to build a better future for students across the world. If you participate, you will have the opportunity to: Immerse yourself within a diverse, global community during the MeetathonHave fun and compete with friends during our gaming faceoffsLearn from industry experts during the LearnathonGain access to tons of opportunities, resources, perks from major companiesShow off your creativity and talent and win prizes during the Showathon and HackathonEnhance your resume and college applicationBuild connections with professional individuals and connect with internships and college opportunities during the Matchathon.  With the start of the event on July 24, 2020, we will operate multiple schedules and provide localized support to unify the world across time differences and language barriers. Come join us in this global movement to build a better 2020! 

We really hope you guys will take your talents, passion, and learning further than HackTheLib this summer, and we hope to see you next year! 


HackTheLib Team

Best Overall:
Global Soft Support

By: Labdhi Jain

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Best Design:

By: Trisha Agrawal & Haarika Nallamolu

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Most Impactful:

By: Adi Jain & Risha Jain

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Most Original/Unique: iKan

By: Arushi Aggarwal

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Most Scalable: HealthDESK

By: Ashay Parikh, Skyler Gao, & Abhi Nayak

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Whether its on your own, with your team, through our workshops (some of which will be taught by industry professionals) , or from our guest speakers, there's an extensive amount of information to absorb in every part of HackTheLib!


Team up or go solo and to create something awesome! Software, hardware, or a combination of both, anything that you have at home works. We encourage participants to use skills they already have, but also take these 3 days to learn something new and implement it to your project.


Although this event is all about learning and creating something cool, competition adds an edge to it like no other. You can compete in any of our 5 categories:
Best Overall, Most Practical/Scalable, Best Impact, Best Original, and Best Design.


Note all times are in Central Time Zone

July 7th-10th


Hackathon Day 1 (July 7th)

Welcome to HackTheLib ZOOM

Hackathon Starts

Workshop #1: Intro to Data Science

Hackathon Day 2 (July 8th)

Workshop #2: Linear Regression

Guest Speaker: Jason Sendelbach

Mr.Sendelbach gave some words regarding the SE industry along with some helpful tips.

Workshop #3: Discord Bot

Hackathon Day 3 (July 9th)

Workshop #4: Github Tutorial

Workshop #5: Vue.js Web App Development

Workshop #6: Twilio Chatbot

Hackathon Day 4 (July 10th)

Hackathon Ends

Teen Trivia Night: Participate in a live game of Trivia to cool off after the Hackathon. Top 5 will win Gift Cards!


Hackathon Judging Period:
July 11-12th

Winners Announced: July 13th

Check out the winners!


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Rules & Regulations

Project Rules and Guidelines
  1. You will have 3 days to complete your project.
    • Don't copy pasta code (small snippets with credit are welcome of course!)
    • Don't reuse old completed projects. We're here to work on something new, not submit the same project once more.
    • Just don't plagiarize! Instead of finding creative ways to cheat,
      just use that brainpower to build something cool!
  2. Only participants age 12-19 can compete for prizes.
    • Feel free to watch online sessions and participate even if you're outside of this age range. We're all here to learn and have fun.
  3. Show some creativity!
    • During judging, we'll be looking for projects that show original thought and innovative ideas. Try to avoid making a project that just accesses and displays info from APIs - do something interesting.
  4. There are no more rules.
    • Create anything you want! Hardware, software, a combination of the two?
      Anything is welcome :)

Presentation Guidelines
  1. Teams must consist of the same people that they started with.
  2. Teams will submit the entirety of their code and any external sources noted in a separate text file through Devpost.
  3. Teams will submit a 2-5 minute video showing project functionality placed in the root of their repo
    Format must be [projectname]_[presentation].mp4
  4. Judges will review and deliberate over the weekend, decisions will be announced by EOD Monday!




Senior Director of Engineering,
Analytics at Sprout Social

Jason has over 20 years as a software engineer, leading teams for the past 10. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering, and took as many Computer Science classes as possible. He spent 10 years in consulting working mostly in Java to integrate systems. He was a Lead Engineer at Grubhub before joining Sprout Social. Jason is now a Senior Director of Engineering overseeing many engineering teams.


Software Engineer at Sprout Social

I'm a software engineer located in Seattle but I'm originally from Arizona/Mexico. I have a bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Chemical Engineering. I work as a backend engineer at Sprout Social where we collect, analyze and store millions of messages per day from our customer's social presence online, and turn them into reports full of interesting data visualization about their brand's presence online. My day to day involves a lot of Java and Python code as well as maintaining our Hadoop cluster. I'm a big fan of hackathons, I got my first job out of college thanks to a winning hack I submitted at HackAZ 2017. I have since attended, presented, and judged at about a dozen other hackathons. I first heard of hackathons in college so i'm really jealous that you all get to start hacking while you're in highschool!


D211 Computer Science and Math Teacher

Jerry Moon

Microsoft Software Engineer & Educator

Jerry Moon grew up in the Chicagoland area, and graduated from New Trier High School in 1999. He then went on to study computer science at Yale University, graduating with a BS in computer science in 2002. After having worked at Microsoft’s Redmond campus as a Software Design Engineer Intern during the summer of 2001 (Windows Division, File Systems & Storage Services), he went back there to work full-time in the same group as a Software Design Engineer from 2002 to 2004. He then spent 7 years working in Chicago in automated- and quantitative- finance from 2004 to 2011. Ever since earning his MS in Education from Northwestern University (2011-2013), Jerry Moon has been teaching math & computer science at Fremd High School, where he also coaches the math team and the chess team.

Christian Pena

Microsoft Gaming Expert

My name is Christian Pena Vazquez, I’ve been with Microsoft since December of last year and served as a Gaming Expert. My day to day mostly consisted of creating gaming event in-store and remote. I’ve assisted schools and other organizations with helping create gaming leagues for E-sports. Also, I used gaming for education with programs like Makecode Arcade and Minecraft hour of coding. Currently we put our efforts into connecting to our community virtually through workshops and private events ranging from online tournaments to coding.

Ed Lewicki

Microsoft Service Advisor

My name is Ed Lewicki, and I have been working at Microsoft as a Service Advisor for the past 7 years. My day to day has been troubleshooting and repairing Windows hardware and software for customers in the retail store. I am now turning my attention to helping our community and local organizations achieve more in the virtual world with Microsoft. I host workshops for consumers, businesses, and kids, and I have partnered with libraries, park districts, and community organizations such as Girl Scouts and Boys & Girls Club to host engaging STEM events!



Our Team









If you have questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to to contact us at our email